Questions and Answers about Bullhide/Quarra®

  1. Can you provide a general chemical description of Bullhide/Quarra 2000? Is it hazardous once it’s in place?

    This product is a polyurethane elastomer.  The “family” of polyurethane is called “aromatic polyether polyurethane”.  One needs to be careful in handling the ingredients, and to not breathe the spray mist that comes out of the gun, but this is similar to all coatings.  PolyChem as MSDSs on these and all of our products that provide detailed safety information.  Of course we also have MSDS for the “combined” product, (Part A and Part B combined), which shows that once the product has been processed through the machine and applied to the surface to be protected it has become totally NON-HAZARDOUS.  Bullhide/Quarra 2000 is totally free of solvents or any other flammable materials.  In fact, based on the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302, this material is considered self-extinguishing to fire.

  2. To what surfaces can Bullhide/Quarra 2000 be applied?

    Bullhide/Quarra 2000 has adhesion to most materials.  However, it is necessary to test each type of substrate surface for several reasons.  Since Bullhide/Quarra 2000 is extremely difficult to break or tear, it usually can be peeled away from the substrate, due to the top of the substrate separating from itself.  This is called “cohesive substrate failure”.  This is remedied by the use of specially designed primers.  We have developed a special low viscosity, solvent-less epoxy primer for use over porous cement-like surfaces.  We have developed a high-solids polyurethane (Primer 350) primer for use over sandblasted metal and painted surfaces.  All enamel or latex painted surface must be surface-scuffed with an abrasive pad, and cleaned.  The primer adds additional adhesion promotion and corrosion resistance.

  3. How resistant is Bullhide/Quarra to chemicals, U.V. and abrasion?  Have you done any testing?

    We have tested the material both in the laboratory and more importantly in many actual applications over the past eighteen years.

    Chemical Resistance:  Bullhide/Quarra 1500 is more chemical resistant than the 2000.  But both products have good chemical resistance to spillage of gasoline, diesel, oil, hydraulic fluid (most types), and brake fluid.  Caustic and detergent resistance is excellent.  Concentrated Calcium Hydroxide has no effect after a 30 day constant exposure test.  When discussing acid resistance, one must be specific.  Hydrochloric acid has no effect on 1500, and very slight effect on 2000, even at a concentrated amount.  However, concentrated “Bleach” –5% Sodium Hopochlorite will soften the material, but dilute solutions are ok.  Battery Acid (12% to 18% Sulfuric Acid) spillage is resisted. But higher concentrations of Sulfuric Acid will degrade the material.  Most acids at higher concentrations will stain and eventually degrade the 2000 product.  We are preparing a more detailed chemical resistance chart.

    U.V. and Color Resistance:  We utilize a special type of aromatic polyurethane material, along with ultra violet absorbers and anti-oxidants to provide unusually high level of color stability for an aromatic polyurethane.  The color stability of our standard colors is good, although only darker colors are available for constant U.V. exposure.  For interior use, most colors are available by special order.  For lighter colors and for constant outdoor exposure of most colors, we recommend our Quarra 770 Top Coat. Top coating with Quarra 770 completely prevents any fading.  It is made from aliphatic polyurethane and acrylic polymers.  These are similar, chemically to the finest automotive paint, but unlike paint the Top Coat has the same elastic properties as the Quarra 2000.  The colors are cross linked into the coating to provide long-term color stability.

    Mildew Resistance:  Mildew has not been a problem for bedliners during the 20 years of actual use. It is believed that the tight surface will not allow Mildew to adhere or grow.

    Resistance to Vehicular Traffic:  This has been tested in trial areas in several locations and proven to be excellent.  We have over sixteen years of positive experience at bulk fertilizer depot in Eastern Washington that has several tanker trucks per hour driving on it.  A busy oil change station in Spokane has a Bullhide/Quarra 2000 floor that withstands highway sand/chemicals and studded tires.  In the Spokane liner application shop, we have “tested” the 2000 material by “spinning out” the tires with no noticeable effect on the product.  At a semi-truck repair facility in Houston, the owner drove the cabs of these trucks over a test area and found the wear resistance to be excellent.

  4. Can Quarra be applied to previously painted floors?

    Our product, with the proper primer, can be applied to most types of sealants and paints –see (2) above.  However, to get the best adhesion and longevity it is recommended that the coatings be totally removed before priming.  Oily surfaces must be chemically cleaned, and preferably bead blasted to remove the contaminated layer.  Then the proper primer is used under the Quarra.

  5. What type of warranties do you issue?

    Our products are unconditionally warranted to the applicator to be free of defects and to meet or exceed the specifications of the product technical data, if properly applied.  Each applicator is independently owned and operated, and therefore offers its own job warranty.  We suggest to our applicators to offer a warranty against cracking, blistering, coming loose from the surface or wearing through the surface – based on normal use.  Each type of application must be considered separately.  For instance, in states that still allow studded snow tires, the warranty for drive areas would exclude damage from studded tires.

  6. What type of propriety protection do the products have?

    The products are protected by trade secrecy laws and non-disclosure agreements.  PolyChem Corporation owns the technology and products are sold only to licensed applicators.  They must be processed through our proprietary equipment, the Spraymaster 3030 or 3050.  There are hand grade materials available that do not require a machine for application.

  7. How much do these products cost per square foot?

    There is no particular square footage cost. Pricing depends all on the logistics of each job and by which material is used.  If you would like to get a price to coat your deck please contact us to receive a deck-pricing questionnaire.

  8. How do I contact you? 

Montana Elastomers Inc. 
2501 17th Street N.E.
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Phone:  406-761-6982