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MT Elastomers POLY 1

A general purpose product designed to coat and protect almost anything. Available in a variety of colors, textures, and options.  You can dress up your car or truck with permanent bras and rocker protection to stop rock chips. Coat the inside and out of trailers for easy clean up or just to stop rust and corrosion. It is the absolute strongest liner. Coat recreational vehicles, industrial or farm and ranch. 

Anti Skid

Anti Skid may be added in many forms to all materials in final stages of the coating process. Application can be tailored to suit your desired traction.

We offer several different materials for anti skid applications.

  • Glass bead
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Black diamond
  • Silica Sands

350 Primer

Primer for metal, concrete, wood, and painted surfaces.

350 Primer is the most versatile primer for sprayed urethanes. It prevents blistering when coating wood, penetrates and adheres to concrete and triples the bond for material to stick to metal. Montana Elastomers uses this multi-bonding polyurethane primer on ALL jobs.

Quarra 770

Quarra 770 is a top coat for spray urethane. This top coat keeps the liner looking shiny and great. Makes washing a breeze. It is more UV stable than the sprayed urethane, has higher chemical and higher abrasion resistance. It is also used to change the color of sprayed urethanes. There are 300 colors to choose from.

Quarra 1500

Quarra 1500 is a base material for water containment and industrial applications.

MT Elastomers POLY 2

Flooring material designed with high humidity acceptance.  Suitable for decks.

Quarra Coatings has redefined deck maintenance - from time –consuming & tedious repetition, to a worry free, one-time application that will outlast and out perform other coatings.  Quarra has several products suitable for use in industrial, commercial and residential applications.  With a broad range of capabilities, Quarra Coatings can meet most protective maintenance needs:

Montana Elastomers 1 to 1

Cost effective bed liner material.

BASF Sonoguard

Flooring, decks and driveways.

Visit the BASF website for details:


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Do it yourself kits available. Call for pricing.

Roller Grade

Roll down base coat for industrial strength flooring.

Do it yourself kits available. Call for pricing.

Do it yourself kits available. Call for pricing.

Urethane Clear Coat

For a high-gloss finish.  Designed for wood, metal, concrete, and most other surfaces.