Outdoor - Decks

Quarra Coatings has redefined deck maintenance - from time –consuming & tedious repetition, to a worry free, one-time application that will outlast and out perform other coatings.  Quarra has several products suitable for use in industrial, commercial and residential applications. 

Seal and protect wood so that your deck or patio can withstand any weather that  MONTANA can throw at it.  No more splinters from blistering wood.  Easy clean up from most all chemicals.

Makes a water tight roof for patios or rooms underneath your deck or porch.  Our rubberlike coating of urethane flexes under severe conditions.

Customize and beautify your deck or patio with a variety of colors, at no extra charge.  Featured in the deck below, is a deck that is protected with dark gray and the railing in maroon.  This accents the shudders and the rest of the house.

Seal and protect concrete.  A textured surface makes a safe walking area.  Easy clean up for most oils and chemicals.  No more cracks from freezing moisture that soaks into the concrete.

Don't SLIP or FALL

Coated areas have a permanent, safe, non-slip surface.  Both wood and concrete surfaces can be protected.