Become a Dealer

When you start in Bullhide you get exclusive training in all the product and in how to apply them. You also get support. There is a factory representative in Montana. If you need support, all you do is call. If the problem cannot be resolved your representative will come to your location and assist you. Your representative will also help with sales and trade shows if asked for assistance. You will not get this kind of support from any of the franchisers out there.

When you sign up with us you are joining a team that wants you to succeed. When anyone with Bullhide is successful then we are all successful. The territory you get is under contract to YOU and cannot be infringed upon by any other Bullhide dealer. In the event that you land a large contract that you cannot do by yourself we will supply support. We are here to help you and to get your business on it’s feet.

Get started today and become one of the team. This is an affordable business that has great potential, so please do contact us at Montana Elastomers Great Falls. Complete the form below, or give us a call at 406-761-6982. Our Fax is 406-761-7237.

Download our Dealership Information Sheet.